Show Your Interest!

Please complete our Enrollment Request Form below so we can document the collective level of interest families have for our school.

Team ARLA is preparing an updated charter document for submission to the school district in the next week. So the time has come for us to update our list of supporters, especially those willing to step forward and demonstrate to the school board that they want to see this school open in the fall of 2018.  We will present our proposal to the school board this fall with the goal of gaining approval by early December. This timeline will enable us to then present to the State School Board in March of 2017. With their approval, we will then have a year-and-a-half to secure a building for the school, train staff, and further develop curricula.

We have a comprehensive list of families who have supported our previous efforts, but we want to add to this list. The number one reason the board has stated for rejecting our otherwise strong proposal was perceived insufficiency of parental support. In order for ARLA to become a reality we will need parents to help with community networking, to serve on our board of directors, and to advocate to school board members. The ARLA board will meet regularly to solidify a coherent message, clarify how we will communicate that message, and to divide up various tasks.

If you want to be part of creating a new kind of school for the Mat-Su please let us know at

Please also help us spread the word. For updates on our progress and more opportunities to get involved, please “like” and “share” our page on Facebook. Your can learn more about this innovative charter high school, its mission, vision, and academic offerings on this website. Together, we can create a school where education is formed for the community, in the community, and by the community!

You can also download a fillable form and get it to us in at least three ways:

1) Complete the form, save, and email it to

2) Print and snap a photo of your completed form with your phone, then e-mail to

3) Print and send to ARLA by snail mail at 3949 North Vista Circle, Palmer, AK 99645.

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