School Year and Intensives

School year structure and intensives

We will be operating with a unique school year schedule that incorporates three intensives — blocks of three weeks each devoted to projects-based, interdisciplinary study in August, December, and May. Examples of projects that would fit into intensive blocks include design and construction of a greenhouse, and mapping, design, and construction of non-motorized trails.

During ARLA’s intensives, two courses will be integrated and team taught, focusing on application, experiential learning, and community connections. During the first intensive of the year in August, each grade level will take its specific required course, Freshman Transition (grade 9), Human Relations (grade 10), Character Education (grade 11), and Senior Transition (grade 12) along with another course.

Sandwiched between the three intensives, our school calendar offers two 60-day semesters where students earn four semester credits. Altogether, students can earn up to seven credits per year, equivalent to what would be earned in a traditional school. Attending an optional summer intensive. archeology field school, from late May to mid-June, and/or completing a summer internship or independent study in July, students can earn additional credits toward graduation.

As part of the district’s graduation requirement of 24.5 credit ARLA students will complete coursework for personal finance, career mentorship, and a senior capstone project. For a comprehensive list of ARLA credit requirements by grade level click here.