Concentration Areas (majors)

Concentration areas: These are areas of study for juniors and seniors

Sustainable Northern Food Production: agriculture, soil science, business and marketing

Renewable Energy: environmental literacy, physical sciences, computer science, building design

Society, Art, Culture, and Communication: literature, foreign languages (including Native language), writing, cultural studies, music, dance, visual arts

Community Planning: land use, sustainable development, planning and politics, transportation, indigenous issues, tribal law and economics, energy and politics

Boreal Ecology: natural sciences, ecology, natural resource use and conservation

If a student does not wish to select one of these areas of concentration, he or she may, upon approval, create a student-generated theme. In this case, the student must present a formal proposal to the principal and advisor.

Our students will be encouraged to direct their own learning and fulfillment of goals as much as possible, while practicing critical life skills, such as goal setting, organization, resiliency, and responsibility. Our Core Values — Academic/Intellectual Growth, Social Assets for Living, and Community Stewardship — will truly be part of the curriculum. At the start of each school year, students will take a grade-level specific class designed to help them understand and apply the school’s core values. These courses are Freshman Transition, Human Relations (10th grade), Character Education (11th grade), and Senior Transition. All four are approved courses from the MSBSD Program of Study.